Friday I’m In Love

napa sunrise

Napa, California

Friday already? Yeeee! I love short work weeks. What’s going on this weekend? I’ve got a long to-do list waiting for me. First up, buying a new fridge. Oh, adulthood, you sure are fun.

Does anyone have any insight on fridge buying? We looked at a bunch of them last weekend, and all brands seemed to be pretty much the same. I’ve been told over and over again that they only last about 7-10 years now too. My fridge is from 1985, which is a couple years before I was even born, so…why are we getting a new one again? It’s all about the style update. We’ll keep the old fridge in the basement, and I can’t help but wonder if it’ll outlive the new one.

Enough adult stuff. Here are some of my favorite links from this week (none to appliances I promise).

One thing I won’t be doing in this space is talking politics, but my friend Michelle has that on lock. Check out the insightful work she and her colleagues have been doing about the Clinton email scandal. Scroll to the bottom for the latest.

Here are a ton of outrageous Donald Trump fact-checks too.

I found this article last week through one of my favorite blogs, A Cup of Jo, and I just love this concept of casual gratitude. Plus, we could all strive to be a little more like Tami Taylor.

Between my sister and me, we had at least 75% of these Barbies.

I guess this is nostalgia week. ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE.

Would you eat at a Golden Girls themed cafe? I would totally meet you there for coffee.

This is nuts! A new way to travel from Maine to Florida and everywhere in between.

Oh sure, let me just get right to buying a castle

Hope you have a great weekend!