Happy National Pizza Day!

national pizza dayGuys! You may or may not be aware, but today is a major holiday. Sound the alarms, stop everything you’re doing, and put on your party hats. IT’S NATIONAL PIZZA DAY!

I’ve made it pretty clear in my tagline, footer, about page, and across social media that I’m a pizza enthusiast. I live for that divine combo of bread, sauce, and cheese. But yet, you haven’t seen a single slice appear in an actual post here. The truth is, I’ve been struggling to figure out how to incorporate it. Pizza is important, after all. I want to get it right.

But there’s something holding me back. The ‘ol pizza prejudice. Everyone has a preference—thin-crust, deep dish, brick oven, you name it. Most of us have a little hometown bias, too, gravitating toward the sweet sauce or slightly-charred crust we devoured through our childhoods. I certainly have it. Growing up in Ohio, we didn’t have a lot of gourmet pie options. My favorite hometown pizza, square with a fairly thick dough and perfectly tomato-y sauce, would be ripped to shreds by a real pizza critic. And yet, I’m hopelessly devoted.

So, on this day of celebration, tell me: what’s your favorite pizza/where’s it from? Why do you like it so much? And, what kind of pizza shenanigans would you like to read about here?

But seriously, who else is ordering pizza for dinner tonight? And maaaaybe having a slice for lunch too? 🙋I’ll be headed to one of my close-to-home faves, Pesci’s or Picasso’s. Go ahead, get crazy. National Pizza Day only happens once a year, after all!

{Photo by picjumbo.com}