About the Blog

tracing paper is a project that I conceptualized many years ago, but only last year had the courage to create. It began with the notion that in today’s world, no idea is ever truly original. This isn’t meant to be negative. Instead, it means we’re paying attention.

Everything we do and everything we make is an impression of something else—something we’ve seen, something we’ve heard, how we were brought up, a conversation with someone, or whatever else inspires us. An idea is just like using tracing paper; it may not be an exact replica, but rather, an interpretation. 

tracing paper is:

  • A place to discuss living life to the fullest, but also to talk about mistakes that are made along the way.
  • A place to showcase inspiring people, ideas, objects, and spaces.
  • A place to explore and learn.
  • A place to collaborate.
  • A place to laugh, and a place to grow.

Meet Jess

Photo by Laura Metzler

Meet Jess

I’m Jessica Trace, a simple Midwestern girl who decided after high school that I hadn’t had enough snow and moved north to Rochester, New York. There, I attended Rochester Institute of Technology to study visual media. After graduating from RIT, I reluctantly moved slightly west to Buffalo.

Over the past few years, Buffalo has really won me over; I’ve fallen in love with this town. It gets a bad rap sometimes (see Snovember), and may not be on any Top 10 Places to Live lists, but the revival we’re experiencing is contagious—so much so that last year, my boyfriend and I decided to plant ourselves here and buy our first house.

On Sundays during football season, I can be found lounging on the couch, yelling at the Bills on TV (thanks for the influence, Dad). I promise not to talk about football here. Much. In the offseason, my spare time is typically spent trying out new recipes with my boyfriend, exploring my town in search of new favorite coffee shops/restaurants, and working on ideas and projects at home.

I’m passionate about friendship, laughter, food (mostly eating, but also cooking), delicious beer, pizza (yes, I know pizza is a food and I already mentioned food), and good design. Oh, and did I mention that I really love pizza? But I don’t discriminate against a cannoli.


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