A Christmas Playlist

Christmas at Grandma's

One of my favorite Christmas scenes, Grandma and Grandpa’s house

I looked at the calendar this weekend in complete disbelief that Christmas is only THREE WEEKS AWAY. What?! What happened to 2016?!

Speaking of “what happened,” I’m sorry to have been absent this past week. I’ve been feeling under the weather since Thanksgiving, but I’m slowly seeing my normal self emerge. While I’ve been down for the count, my Christmas decorating and celebrating has gotten away from me. But! This weekend, we cut down the most perfect Christmas tree—a festive step in the right direction. Once we got it home, I was afraid we got a little overzealous; it’s really tall, guys. Now that I think about it, I’m not too sure how we’ll get it out of the house when the time comes, but meh, details…

I threw together this Christmas playlist for all the decorating, gift exchanging, and hot chocolate (wine) drinking of the season. It’s something a little different, but a mix of both classic and nontraditional Christmas tunes. Enjoy!

P.S. Another good Christmas playlist option is the Home Alone soundtrack, just sayin’. Happy December, my friends!

Bonfire Ballads Playlist

Bonfire Ballads PlaylistSince we moved into our house last September, I’ve been craving a night spent lounging peacefully in the backyard around a bonfire. It’s shaping up to be the perfect evening for that, albeit slightly windy.

I put together a playlist of songs on Spotify for the occasion. Friends relaxing around a blazing fire, drinks in hand, this soundtrack playing in the background—a tranquil autumn evening under the stars.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday night! Enjoy.


Summer Playlist


Happy first day of summer! Here’s to lots of warm days, colorful sunsets, late night bonfires, and soft serve ice cream cones.

I put together a quick playlist to kick off the season. It’s mostly newer songs, some a couple years old, but all tunes I could picture myself listening to this summer while driving with the windows down, hair blowing in the wind. You can access it here if you use Spotify (it’s free!). Or, you can view the list below if you want to listen elsewhere.

UPDATE: If you use Google Play Music, my friend Nick so kindly re-created the list there as well. Thanks Nick!

  1. Joy Rides – Mutemath
  2. Something To Believe In – Young the Giant
  3. Too Young – Bear Hands
  4. Past Lives – Local Natives
  5. Bored to Death – blink-182
  6. Cream on Chrome – Ratatat
  7. Letterman – Gay Nineties
  8. Ripple Water Shine – Pianos Become The Teeth
  9. Connection – Silversun Pickups
  10. Are We Ready? (Wreck) – Two Door Cinema Club
  11. Truth – Bloc Party
  12. Good Grief – Dr. Dog
  13. Peaches – The Districts
  14. Around Town – The Kooks
  15. Talk To Me – Kopecky
  16. Thunderhearts – Cold War Kids

P.S. How bout those CAVS! 330 is home 

I’m Only Productive When It Rains

music and productivity

Do you listen to music while you work? I wish I was one of those people who could jam out and still get the job done, but truth be told, I’m just not. My favorite playlist could start and end without me having heard a single lyric.

All sorts of studies have been conducted about whether or not, and how, music affects productivity. From what I’ve read, research has concluded that music can help with mindless tasks that don’t require a lot of concentration. It may also improve mood, which can therefore increase productivity. However, retention and concentration often drop when listening to music, so it isn’t always best in situations where you’re performing a new task or one in which you need to focus.

Even though I normally work in silence, my co-worker and I recently stumbled upon the perfect combination of sounds that simultaneously helped us both relax but also sharpened our focus, both for mindless tasks and those that required full concentration.