Weekend Morning Traditions

weekend morning traditions


Ahhh, the weekend. There’s nothing better than waking up and realizing that it’s Saturday, and you don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. Sure, we all have obligations, errands, and chores, but there are also those days when it’s ok to roll back over and sleep for another hour.

On those types of weekend mornings, my boyfriend and I have unintentionally created some traditions and routines that I’ve come to look forward to as the weekend approaches. At our house, weekend mornings are reserved for the “good coffee.” Throughout the week, we drink drip coffee from the pot (usually whatever is on sale), reserving the better coffee for the weekends. We often buy beans from local roasteries and brew it in our Chemex or French press—a small way to give ourselves a treat after a long week.

We like to put on some music and cook up a big breakfast, then sit together and read the paper while we eat. We also have what we call our weekend mugs (pictured above), my favorite handmade pottery mugs that give me all the cozy feels.

I know this makes us sound like we’re 80 years old in our 20s (pretty much the truth), but it’s those simple, relaxing moments that recharge and energize me. When breakfast is over, there are errands to run, a lawn to mow, and places to be, so I like to take my time and soak in those couple of hours with nothing to do, escaping for a brief second from our busy lives.

How do you spend those weekend mornings when you have nothing to do? What are the traditions and routines that you look forward to every weekend? I hope you have a relaxing one!

Treat Yo Self: A Birchbox Review

birchbox boxes

I heard about Birchbox several years ago, but was always hesitant to sign up, thinking it wasn’t worth the money for such little product. In April, I finally gave in and signed up for a three-month subscription to give it a shot.

If you haven’t heard of it or don’t quite know all the details, Birchbox is a beauty subscription service. For $10/month, you receive five personalized high-end beauty samples, delivered to your doorstep in a beautiful little box. You fill out a profile on their website, answering a set of questions about your hair, skin, and sample preferences.

While visiting my best friend in DC, we stopped at the Birchbox store in Georgetown within Rent the Runway. There are currently two storefront locations, the one in DC and the flagship store in New York City. At the store, you can pick all five of your samples and in some cases, even try them first. The DC store associate was knowledgeable and gave us helpful suggestions based on our hair and skin types. And! The April box was created in collaboration with one of my favorites, Rifle Paper Co., so, of course I had to have it. At first I only intended to pick out my five samples for the one box but was so intrigued that I decided to sign up for two additional months. (Plus I was on vacation, so, treat yo self!)


Fashion Trend to Love or Hate: Overalls


I’m always fascinated by fashion and beauty trends. Bellbottoms, shoulder pads, mohawks, parachute pants, leggings, mullets…we’ve seen it all, both the elegant and the what-was-she-thinking ugly. Do the world’s top designers get together for a secret meeting and collectively decide to pair track suits with stilettos for Fashion Week? Or maybe it’s that we all see Beyoncé wearing a lemon crown and have to have one too, even if she was just promoting her album. (I was joking but then found this.) Enlighten me if you have any insight on how something becomes a trend; it’s so intriguing!

Now and then, I’m gonna pick a trend to discuss. Please share what you think too. If there’s one I bash or adore, and you think I’m nuts, call me out! Let me know why people are still wearing Crocs and why I need to go out and buy a pair right this second.

Let’s start with overalls, shall we?