Fashion Trend to Love or Hate: Overalls


I’m always fascinated by fashion and beauty trends. Bellbottoms, shoulder pads, mohawks, parachute pants, leggings, mullets…we’ve seen it all, both the elegant and the what-was-she-thinking ugly. Do the world’s top designers get together for a secret meeting and collectively decide to pair track suits with stilettos for Fashion Week? Or maybe it’s that we all see Beyoncé wearing a lemon crown and have to have one too, even if she was just promoting her album. (I was joking but then found this.) Enlighten me if you have any insight on how something becomes a trend; it’s so intriguing!

Now and then, I’m gonna pick a trend to discuss. Please share what you think too. If there’s one I bash or adore, and you think I’m nuts, call me out! Let me know why people are still wearing Crocs and why I need to go out and buy a pair right this second.

Let’s start with overalls, shall we?


Friday I’m In Love

bowdon england

Bowdon, Greater Manchester, England

Another Friday is here! This week was a long one. I feel like I live for the weekends anymore, even if just to sleep in ten minutes longer. What are you up to this weekend? I’m heading to Ohio to hang with LeBron visit my family and work on some projects for my sister’s wedding.

It’s been a busy week, causing me to be MIA, but I promise there will be more to come next week! Here are some things that caught my attention during this crazy week.

That fireplace in the first picture! And this fireplace too!

Having been born and raised in Northeast Ohio, I love this.

The shower part made me lol because I TOTALLY FEEL THAT WAY EVERY DAY. Showering is hard. Ok, maybe the shower part isn’t that hard, but the having to style my hair again part sure is.

This can’t be real life. No more peanut butter?!

As soon as I step outside, I get eaten alive. Mosquitos love me. I need to get planting!

I’ve been (sort of embarrassingly) watching The Bachelor for almost a decade. How many hours of my life have I wasted? I don’t wanna know. How many more hours of my life am I going to waste on Ben and Lauren’s new spinoff series? Only time will tell…

Have a good weekend!

Friday I’m In Love

light will shine out of darkness

TGIF; what a tragic week it’s been. My heart goes out to everyone affected in Orlando. I’ve read terrible stories about fear, panic, and loss. But then, stories of bravery, heroism, and compassion have emerged to restore our faith in humanity and kindness.

Here are some things that are lifting my spirits on this Friday:

Beer desserts. For Father’s Day or anytime, really.

Speaking of dessert, have you ever had Trader’s Joe’s Brownie Crisp?! I’m a newbie as of two days ago, and am obsessed. I’ll take 20 bags, please. And 20 more tomorrow.

From brownies to brows…this stuff came in my June Birchbox yesterday. I’m a closet product junkie and can’t wait to try it out this weekend. If you’ve ever tried it, let me know what you thought!

Mary-Kate and Ashley turned 30 this week, what the what! My love for them ran deep growing up. Prettyyyy sure I followed, or unsuccessfully tried to follow, all of these trends.

Have a happy, healthy, safe weekend everybody. Happy Father’s Day, especially to my dad.

Friday I’m In Love

thank you

Happy Friday!

First, I want to shout a great big thank you for your support this week. I can’t express enough gratitude for all of your likes, page visits, comments, and love. I’ve been busy working on some content, so stay tuned!

Do you guys have anything fun planned this weekend? I’m hoping to hit up a local greenhouse to grab some new plants, both indoor and outdoor. I know, SUPER EXCITING STUFF! (But seriously, having just bought my first house in September, this is actually very exciting for me. Also because I’m an 80-year-old woman at heart.)

Here are a few things I’m loving this Friday:

My boyfriend’s dad got us Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook a couple months ago, and I didn’t know I loved her until that moment. Gonna hit up the Things That Intimidate People But Shouldn’t section this weekend. Wish me luck!

This dog and me, kindred spirits.

I was thrilled last weekend to read that Tig Notaro is cancer-free, married, and expecting twins! I had the pleasure of catching her show last year when she stopped in Buffalo and I just love her. So, I CAN’T WAIT FOR HER BOOK!

I don’t have enough facts to form an opinion about the Stanford rape case that has been a media frenzy this week, but I do know that girl has a lot of courage.

I’m so excited about finally launching tracing paper that I painted my nails to match, so there’s that.

Have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!

Oh Hey, Welcome!

Meet JessHi, hello! Welcome to tracing paper! I’m Jess, and I’m so happy you stopped by to check out my new blog. There’s not much here yet, but I’ll be producing content soon.

tracing paper is a project that I conceptualized many years ago, but only this year had the courage to create. It began with the notion that in today’s world, no idea is ever truly original. This isn’t meant to be negative. Instead, it means we’re paying attention.

Everything we do and everything we make is an impression of something else—something we’ve seen, something we’ve heard, how we were brought up, a conversation with someone, or whatever else inspires us. An idea is just like using tracing paper; it may not be an exact replica, but rather, an interpretation.

tracing paper is:

  • A place to discuss living life to the fullest, but also to talk about mistakes that are made along the way.
  • A place to showcase inspiring people, ideas, objects, and spaces.
  • A place to explore and learn.
  • A place to collaborate.
  • A place to laugh, and a place to grow.

I want to kick off tracing paper by overtly stating that I am not, and will never claim to be, an expert. I’m just trying to figure it all out like everybody else! I love to learn and hope to discover all kinds of new things through this blog. I started tracing paper for many reasons, but mostly to create a space to express myself creatively, explore, and start conversations. I hope you will join me!

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear what you have to say too, so please don’t hesitate to comment on my posts or get in touch!

{Photo by Laura Metzler}