Run the World

Run the World: Jaime, the Stylist & Curator

Jaime, Owner and Stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery

Jaime Brawdy, Owner and Stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery

Do you ever meet someone and think, “I want to be her!”? That happened to me when I sat down to talk with Jaime Brawdy, owner and stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery. If you’ve been following along with Run the World, my series about inspiring women in business, you know that I love using the term career badass. But Jaime, she’s a badass in every sense of the word.

Her confidence, kind demeanor, and relatable dialogue make Jaime a role model and inspiration for women in any field. After talking with her, I left feeling motivated to get out there, stand up for myself, and carry out my dreams.

Jaime’s own dream, her hair salon, is unique—it doubles as an art gallery. The space is a welcoming, creative environment for its clients and the community alike. We recently got together to chat about her story and how the salon/gallery concept came to be.


Run The World: Amy, the Philanthropist

Amy, the Philanthropist

Gilda’s Club Rochester

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections over the years, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.”   –Unknown

While important throughout the year, giving back to the community is especially pertinent each holiday season. To help propel us all into the giving spirit, this next installment of my series Run the World, featuring women in business, highlights Rochester, New York-based philanthropist, Amy Button.

Amy spends much of her free time bettering her community. After several years serving as a volunteer for various organizations, she co-founded Flower City Philanthropy to help others identify philanthropic opportunities and educate them about volunteering.

Even as I sat with Amy to conduct this interview, she set out on a new mission. Amy and I were connected by our mutual friend, Bethany. She had just come from an MRI appointment, and told Amy that, following the test, they throw away the socks that they give you to wear during the scan. I honestly didn’t think too much about this, but Amy was horrified. She asked Bethany for the office’s contact information, planning to call them the next day. She listed several organizations who would be able to use the otherwise-wasted socks. That constant awareness and sense of compassion embodies Amy’s philanthropic spirit.


Run the World: Shannon, the Design Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Shannon Oakes of MINI-malistI’m thrilled for you to meet another inspiring Run the World lady boss, design entrepreneur Shannon Oakes. Shannon is the founder of MINI-malist, a Los Angeles-based gender neutral children’s clothing line and simplistic home goods shop.

I first met Shannon about eight or so years ago while visiting a friend at Ohio State. Through our mutual friend, we’ve crossed paths several times since. Every time I’ve been around her, I remember thinking how incredibly kind and sweet she is. When I learned about Shannon’s venture, MINI-malist, I couldn’t wait to talk to her more about her work.


Run the World: Michelle, the Journalist

run-world_michelle3Michelle was the reason I started using the term “career badass.” Somewhere at my parent’s house, I have copies of the paper for which she wrote in high school. And here she is now, Michelle Ye Hee Lee, reporter at the Washington Post.


Run the World: Laura, the Photographer

Laura Metzler

Career day was always one of my favorite days of school growing up. I’m still fascinated to hear about what people do. What motivates them? How did they choose their career paths? How do they spend their days? Whether we like them or not, our professions define us in a lot of ways. After all, most Americans spend about half of their waking hours at work, if not more, according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I’m particularly inspired by women in the workforce as of late. That may be in part because of the recent historic nomination of the first woman president, or maybe just because women are career badasses in general. I won’t get into the disgrace that is the gender pay gap (it’s 2016!), but I know, or have read about, countless hardworking, intelligent, deserving, and creative women who deserve recognition. I wanted to share some of their inspiring stories with you here.

Laura Metzler Photo

I’m starting with Laura Metzler, a DC-based photographer who took the gorgeous photos of me for my blog. I never feel beautiful in pictures, and she nailed it.

I met Laura on my first day of classes at RIT. We had the same class schedule, and she declared that day that we’d be best friends. That’s exactly what happened. Since college, we’ve not only maintained our friendship, but we’ve become even closer, despite living about 6 or 7 hours apart. She has been so supportive of me in life and career, and I try to be a support for her as well. And let me tell you, the girl is rocking it. I’m extremely proud of the business she is growing. I don’t even think I’m biased, she’s just killin’ it! (West Elm thinks so too!)

I recently sat down with Laura to ask her some questions about her career and business.