Fashion Trend to Love or Hate: Overalls


I’m always fascinated by fashion and beauty trends. Bellbottoms, shoulder pads, mohawks, parachute pants, leggings, mullets…we’ve seen it all, both the elegant and the what-was-she-thinking ugly. Do the world’s top designers get together for a secret meeting and collectively decide to pair track suits with stilettos for Fashion Week? Or maybe it’s that we all see Beyoncé wearing a lemon crown and have to have one too, even if she was just promoting her album. (I was joking but then found this.) Enlighten me if you have any insight on how something becomes a trend; it’s so intriguing!

Now and then, I’m gonna pick a trend to discuss. Please share what you think too. If there’s one I bash or adore, and you think I’m nuts, call me out! Let me know why people are still wearing Crocs and why I need to go out and buy a pair right this second.

Let’s start with overalls, shall we?

They’ve been back on the scene for a bit now, and I thought this trend was over until I read that overalls are still in style this summer. I kinda beg to differ on that one. I can’t help but cringe a little and wonder why. I’m all for casual and comfortable, but I’m just not a fan of overalls. I tried on a pair of white ones last summer, similar to these from Gap, and looked like a frumpy farmer. So, maybe I’m just not a fan of overalls on myself.

I’ve seen pictures on fashion blogs, Pinterest, and that Gap link above, where women managed to pull them off and even make them flawlessly cute (here and here for example). But, it seems like they work best for stick thin model-types. Sorry to my hip, boob, butt, and thigh gals; it seems like we might be outta luck. In saying that, I’m not criticizing skinny women by any means. If you can pull off overalls, rock ’em girl! The rest of us might just have to skip this one.

What do you think of overalls? Do/would you wear them? If you have tips or outfit examples that don’t make you look like you’re heading out to feed the cows, show me your ways!

{If you love this trend, here are a few options: Lots at Asos (I like these even if they might look awful on me), Free People, Gap, Lane BryantMadewell, Nasty Gal, Nordstrom, Old NavyTarget.}