Friday I’m In Love

Rainy day in Rochester

A familiar sight as of late

This week flew right on by. And then, I woke up today and thought it was Saturday. Womp womp. Total buzzkill. But, on the bright side, only a few short hours until the weekend! And, bonus, it’s Cinco de Mayo. Bring on the margaritas!

This week, I wrote about burnout. Here’s an interesting perspective on burnout being a result of not doing enough of what you love.

Along the same lines, and for all my blogger pals out there, I’m sure this post by The Fresh Exchange will hit home.

I adore this fun video from Billy and Pat, touring the Buffalo public art scene.

The 25th annual AIDS Walk Buffalo is happening tomorrow morning at Delaware Park. This post in support of the AIDS Walk, by my friend Scott from In a DC Minute, really stuck with me this week. HIV and AIDS affect thousands in Western New York—your neighbors, friends, and family.

Through my series Run the World, you’ve read about how inspired I am by women in business. Check out this interview with Buffalo-based fashion designer, my friend Nkay, on LadyBossBlogger. 

Speaking of fashion – while I could never pull them off, I am obsessed with these Spring boots worn flawlessly by Sushmitha from Miss Minus Sized. (Ok, one more from Sushmitha because, I mean, this cactus garden, WHAT?! Is that even real life? GORGEOUS.)

I guess I’m extra inspired by my Buffalo fashion lovers this week; here’s another one! I’ve never been a fan of off-the-shoulder looks, but Lucy from Write. Style. Travel. has changed my mind. I especially love this look!

Whatever your weekend brings (even if it involves a little snow…sigh), I hope it treats you well! Cheers!

Inside the Darwin Martin House

Darwin Martin House reception room

Reception room

A few months ago I gushed about my adoration for architecture when I recapped my trip to the Darwin Martin House, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School masterpieces. So when the Martin House staff kindly invited me to return in February, I replied immediately with an enthusiastic yes.


Friday I’m In Love

spring flowers

Channeling spring this week

The unseasonably warm weather this week in WNY switched me right into spring mode. According to my short-sighted brain, winter is out. If you live in a place where winter is dark, cold, and dreary, you understand the complete mood swing that warmer weather brings each spring. You’re reminded that there are people who live around you (gasp!), and that your living space isn’t limited to stuffy rooms. It’s always a breath of fresh air, and one I’ve been searching for as of late. Thank you, universe, for bringing this much-needed revival.

It’s been awhile since I did a Friday I’m in Love post, so here are some things that have been catching my eye around the web as of late.

I think Sarah from The Pastiche is ready for spring too. Love this outfit! And her kitchen – what?!? Goals.

My college friend Ben is a total rockstar, a silversmith at Tiffany & Co. Check out this amazing and bold artist collaboration he worked on.

I’m a big fan of CreativeMornings, a creative breakfast lecture series, and Ben Brindise gave my favorite CM talk so far last fall. Yeah! Buffalo interviewed him, and it’s just as good. Certainly helps recharge my creative batteries.

My new friends Colin and Caralyn are completely slaying. I’m loving their collaboration, too.

I had the pleasure of meeting Lindsay this week at the Buffalo Bloggers meetup and have been obsessing over her home projects since. I LOVE this gallery wall in her entryway.

One of my partners in blogging crime, Ashley from Morning Glory, launched her website redesign today. I’m digging her gorgeous nautical portfolio.

If you missed National Margarita Day, this weekend might require a little belated celebration. According to In a DC Minute, here are some of the best places to grab a margarita in DC and Western NY.

Pizza always brings people together. From this site, you can send pizza to protesters. That’s a cause I can get behind.

For all my Ohio peeps, the best pizza by county. Do you agree?

What’s going on this weekend? I’m excited to get outside, host some friends for dinner on Saturday, and do some reading/writing when winter heads back into town on Sunday. Whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a good one!

Run the World: Jaime, the Stylist & Curator

Jaime, Owner and Stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery

Jaime Brawdy, Owner and Stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery

Do you ever meet someone and think, “I want to be her!”? That happened to me when I sat down to talk with Jaime Brawdy, owner and stylist at Canvas Salon & Gallery. If you’ve been following along with Run the World, my series about inspiring women in business, you know that I love using the term career badass. But Jaime, she’s a badass in every sense of the word.

Her confidence, kind demeanor, and relatable dialogue make Jaime a role model and inspiration for women in any field. After talking with her, I left feeling motivated to get out there, stand up for myself, and carry out my dreams.

Jaime’s own dream, her hair salon, is unique—it doubles as an art gallery. The space is a welcoming, creative environment for its clients and the community alike. We recently got together to chat about her story and how the salon/gallery concept came to be.


Friday I’m In Love

Abraham Lincoln Inauguration

Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. March 4, 1861. Library of Congress.

I remember so well the day that President Obama was sworn in. I was in college and at work, where the inauguration was being projected. I didn’t expect it, but as I watched, my emotions took over. I tried to hide my tears, but looking around the room, I saw other misty eyes and felt a sense of togetherness. On that day in 2008, I didn’t feel fear or worry.

Today, I was emotional for different reasons. This time, I found myself worried about the state of our country. That sense of unity from 2008 was gone. In many places, hopefulness has dwindled. In his inaugural address, President Trump told us, “The United States of America is your country.” But is it?

I’m just not sure what to think today, as we’ve sworn in our 45th president. This may just be the sickness I’ve been fighting, but I feel a bit numb. In the United States of America, a country that is supposedly built on freedom, how can bigotry be at the forefront? In 2017?!

I already urged you to stand up for what you believe in while being kind and thoughtful of others, so I’ll spare you of that again here. I don’t want to get up on a soapbox. I’m just trying to make sense of what’s happening.

I need a beer. Anyone else?

In spite of all this, here’s some great stuff happening this weekend and around the web.

A few days late, though I hope it’s never too late, some wise words from none other than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If you aren’t in DC this weekend, but want to join your neighbors in solidarity, you can search for local Sister Marches here.

To set the mood, here’s an empowering woman-centric playlist. Who run the world?

Speaking of running the world, most of you have probably seen this by now, and I shared it on Twitter a few weeks back, but I just love this commercial.

Unrelated – I’ve said it before, but the architecture in Buffalo is truly incredible. We’re so lucky to have that beauty at our doorsteps. Speaking of, I’ve only visited 3 of these 7 buildings. Guess I need to get explorin’!

Maybe while I’m out exploring, I’ll stop in at one of my favorite burger and wing bars in Buffalo, Gabriel’s Gate! Here’s a great review from In a DC Minute.

Another stop I’m hoping to make soon in Buffalo is Fern Croft Floral. I’m obsessing over these gorgeous photos by Ashley at Morning Glory. I so badly want to take a class!

Though it should be a perfect weekend to get outside, I think I’m in need of a little R&R too. I might start with one of these hair masks, suggested by Lucy of Write. Style. Travel.

Happy weekend, friends, and keep your heads up. Stay safe out there, too, if you’re headed out to protest. It should be a great one for getting outside, which I certainly intend to do. We need a little sunshine amongst these cloudy days…

Intention in the New Year: A Year of Risks

Foggy country road

Heading into the fog

And just like that, it’s 2017. As they say, each new year is a blank canvas—a time to reset and refocus. Over the last couple weeks, as I’ve taken a step away from technology, work, and stress, I’ve reflected a lot about what’s important to me. I’ve considered who I am and how I’ve lived my life as of late.

With 2017 rolling right in, I’ve been reading inspiring blog posts and social media statuses about starting the new year with a word of intention. I’ve never been one to make, and stick to, resolutions. So, to me, this concept of choosing one word to live by speaks volumes.

After giving thought to where I want to be this year, the word I’ve chosen for 2017 is risk.


A Wintry Trip to the Darwin Martin House

Darwin Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin D. Martin House – 125 Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, NY

Since about third grade, I’ve been fascinated by architecture and, for some reason, Frank Lloyd Wright especially caught my eye. While other kids were getting Barbies and Legos for Christmas (just kidding, I was still getting Barbies too), I received books about Frank Lloyd Wright. Later, I decided architecture was more an interest than career for me, but my best friend ended up pursuing architecture in college. So, a few weeks ago while she was visiting, we took her to see one of the many architectural treasures of Buffalo, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House.


Friday I’m In Love (Saturday Wait)

Winter SceneHi, hello! Fancy meeting you here on a Saturday! 

It’s been a long couple of weeks, but I’m slowly starting to feel like my normal self again, especially after another inspiring Friday morning yesterday at CreativeMornings Buffalo. If you live in the Buffalo area and haven’t been, I could list a million reasons why you should change that. Every single time I’ve attended, I’ve walked out of CreativeMornings feeling energized, motivated, and ready to create. Buffalo has so much talent and creativity. I’m awestruck. And the event spaces aren’t so bad either.

In totally unrelated news, Christmas is now only two weeks away, so there’s that. I’ll be spending this weekend decorating the house and frantically picking out Christmas gifts (all while listening to this playlist!). Are you ahead of the game or behind on your Christmas prep like me?

Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

I adore this post from Fresh Exchange describing how their tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree changed this year with the addition of their baby boy. I love how Megan takes pause to soak in life’s little, precious moments. I know I’m sentimental, but Christmas traditions really do stick with us for a lifetime.

I’m loving this adorable and fun holiday date night idea from In a DC Minute. Home Alone really is the best! (My other favorite Christmas movie is Christmas Vacation, by the way.)

For those of you who aren’t fans of winter, here are some lovely ways to stay happy during this dark and cold season.

Speaking of happy things, I’m completely feeling this post by Taylor at In the Buff. Girl, I’m totally with you. I needed this, thank you.

I think we all need a girl gang. I love this piece about all-female gatherings and the importance of female friendship.

And for an extra treat, keep an eye out right here for a holiday giveaway next week! You won’t want to miss out on this one.

Have a fun and festive weekend, everybody!

Run The World: Amy, the Philanthropist

Amy, the Philanthropist

Gilda’s Club Rochester

“Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections over the years, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.”   –Unknown

While important throughout the year, giving back to the community is especially pertinent each holiday season. To help propel us all into the giving spirit, this next installment of my series Run the World, featuring women in business, highlights Rochester, New York-based philanthropist, Amy Button.

Amy spends much of her free time bettering her community. After several years serving as a volunteer for various organizations, she co-founded Flower City Philanthropy to help others identify philanthropic opportunities and educate them about volunteering.

Even as I sat with Amy to conduct this interview, she set out on a new mission. Amy and I were connected by our mutual friend, Bethany. She had just come from an MRI appointment, and told Amy that, following the test, they throw away the socks that they give you to wear during the scan. I honestly didn’t think too much about this, but Amy was horrified. She asked Bethany for the office’s contact information, planning to call them the next day. She listed several organizations who would be able to use the otherwise-wasted socks. That constant awareness and sense of compassion embodies Amy’s philanthropic spirit.


Friday I’m In Love

fall_leavesIt’s 70 degrees today. In Buffalo. In November. Say whaaaat? Get out there, Western New Yorkers! Enjoy it while you can because, despite today’s record-setting warmth, we’re supposed to get our first snowfall of the year this weekend. Booooo! But, no matter what happens, we can only be grateful that we aren’t experiencing anything like we did two years ago today, when we were literally buried under several feet of snow.

I didn’t get around to posting a Friday I’m In Love last week, so here are some of the things that have caught my attention over the past couple weeks.

This was one of my favorite pieces that I read following the election. It was circling social media quite a bit last week, but in case anyone missed it, you’re welcome. Love me some Leslie Knope.

Another awesome product that has come out of the election is Artists Against the Wall, a project started by my co-worker, Desiree, and a couple of her friends. Their goal is to reach people from all over the world, asking for art submissions that promote a sense of unity. I love that they’re using their craft as an avenue to speak up for what they believe in the best way that they know how.

One of my other co-workers shared this inspiring video from the Young Women’s College Prep Charter School in Rochester, NY. There is so much good in the world.

I’ve been a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright since first learning about architecture at a career day in elementary school. I finally visited the gorgeous Darwin Martin House here in Buffalo last winter, but it was still under heavy construction at the time. I can’t wait to go back, now that the first floor renovation is mostly complete!

A pizza crawl?! Count me in!

Speaking of Buffalo food, I can’t wait to try Ru’s Pierogi, now opened as of this week! Here’s a great overview by Al and Scott from In a DC Minute.

One more food link because, food. Toast is something I hadn’t really thought much about. I tend to stick with plain old peanut butter, but now, after reading this post from Nkay at NKMstyling, I can’t wait to experiment with all different kinds of toast.

Ok, I lied when I said one more food link. But this one’s sorta crafty too! Here’s a fun way to spice up your Thanksgiving pie. I’m too excited for turkey dinner.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!